Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gulf Connoissuer Shoot for new BMW 6 Series at Bab Al Shams

Latest cover for Gulf Connoisuer Magazine  Middle-East and Russian Edition for new BMW 6 series convertible...Gosh ! i love the car! hehehe...anyways..the shoot was held at bab al shams ,super amazing 5  resort  hotel in the heart of the was going summer when we had our shoot ,on going to preheat the oven weather.10 layers of foundation i used" joke" actually its other way around.the lesser foundation is best for an outdoor shoot so that thers nothing to melt and crease.An outdoor shoot has always been a great challenge for the make up artists coz u need to look forward about ur make up and equipped with knowledge ,techniques  and logic basically  on " how not to" let ur make up melt in heatness of the weather,well dont give ur self a chance to do a lot of hard work, as i said "WORK SMART ,than working hard."My point is that  dont give ur make up a chance to melt by not putting a lot of it, thats for foundation, but for eyeshadows u can go as dark as u can as long as u  prime it with waterproof base.and back to basic everyone! classic technique is to prepare the skin according to models skin type and products that holds the make up last longer....primer ,primer ,primer!!!! foundation and concealer only where  its needed and avoid on laughlines and wrinkles (thats where it crease,double moisturize those areas) waterproof and bulletproof! mascaras and liner before lipstick........a bit of hardwork at first but guaranteed not too much touch-up....enjoy ur lovely juice in the sun,while theyre having photoshoot!!!hahahaah.bugger .Everything is still a challenge to me as a make up artist...and thats what keeps me going!!!! ...anyways..Enjoy watching!

Photographer: Hussian Gian
Hair and Make-up: Ginno Alducente
Fashion : Amato Haute Couture

My make-up inspirtion is two socialite sisters,going for a party wearing their uber-smokey smoking eyes
arguing whos pretty,blonde? or Brunette,violet or pink? hehehehe....wearing an Amato Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2011.
 Maria Alfarova

Monday, June 6, 2011

To Dream of Japan.

Here's our tribute to Japan.My Make-up was inspired by Christian Dior (ofcourse im a Galliano super fan!)Ive learn a lot from this shoot,looking back  from a japanese brand of foundation i use way back home which i found it in the internet and ordered it online.I love the result so much.Plus the amazing hair sculpture of Jojo Dantespadua brings a twist of a modern Geisha.The creative direction and styling of Furne One ,leading his brand Amato Haute Couture has always been unbeatable when its comes to inspiration and giving a new feel and ambiance of a photoshoot.Photographed by Amazing Tina Patni,gives justice to our work....Kudos to the Team!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome 2011

Omg !!! i feel like i just celebrated new year recenlty and now  its Jan 10 already!!!!!! time flies so fast ....been so busy with work and a lot of things.....Here's the pics that we made with Eros Goze recently....Enrico,will be the new fresh face in Dubai modelling industry....

 Preview for Amato Haute Couture Uomo 2011

Fashion: Amato Haute Couture
Photography: Eros Goze
Make-up and Styling: Ginno Alducente and Jojo Dantespadua

speaking about 2011 Illustrado Magazine released its cover for its upcomming issue.....Michael Cinco's impalpable dream....ofcourse i did the make-up and Eros for the photo....

and Ofcourse !!!!! My First and Grandest project for 2011 is the Amato Photoshoot!!! Covered at Gulf Connoisuer Magazine!!!!

Flooded with comments on my facebook page!!!! omg!!! who doesnt love Amato?! even i missed make up on his shows coz i was working with a movie at that time but i wont miss the photoshoot!!!!this is my make up rendition for this collection....."I AM THE QUEEN".....